May 21st, 2015

Investment Myths 10

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You must not be afraid to fail.

Well, the most common fear is the fear of failing. What is not good is that sometimes, we are paralyzed by fear which stops us from achieving our dreams. In anything people normally do, failure is not a very good prospect. What differentiates successful people from the others is that they do not let fear grip them so much so that they are not able to do anything fruitful anymore. In real estate, you can do one phone call at a time or visit one property now and another one later until before you know it, you have already visited a number of prospective properties.

May 14th, 2015

Effective Marketing: The Internet

Most buyers start doing their search by looking at listings on the internet. The trend today is for buyers to search using Google as opposed to going to specific real estate websites. Ask your real estate agent about marketing your home via the internet. If your home is already posted in your local multiple listing service, it will automatically get posted on sites like Make sure that it’s your brokerage’s policy to share their listing with major websites. You’d be surprised at how some real estate brokers don’t use the internet and insist on selling your home themselves.

May 7th, 2015

Documents Needed to Buy a Home

Before a lender can process a loan, the institution will need to verify your employment with a verification of employment form. Besides that, the lender will also need the following paperwork:

Current pay slips. The last two pay slips will be enough. Don’t hand out the origianls though; make copies.

W2s. This is the wage and tax statement given out by your employer for the calendar year. This is the form you also attach to your tax returns.

Bank statements. Your lender might want two or three months’ worth of bank statements. Make a copy from each bank and include all pages of the bank statement.

Federal tax returns. If you haven’t filed your tax return for the year, look for the last two years’ tax returns. Include all schedules and make sure all the tax returns have your signature.

Asset statements. If you own any mutual funds, bonds, or stocks, make a copy of each statement. Although lenders prefer hard copies over the ones you can get online, the online ones will do if that’s the way you receive your statements.

April 30th, 2015

Just where do you find real estate agents?


by: Djai Tanji

Need a guide in selling or buying a house? Real estate agents can surely aid to lessen your burden and finding them is not that hard of a task at all. The most efficient way to find a good agent is through referrals. Of course nobody will refer a bad agent. You can ask around who’s at the top of their duty. It is also easy to spot them on open houses since they normally attend on such occasions. In that way you can interact with them first and then you won’t be having a hard time to select. Searching the internet is a helpful way as well especially nowadays that almost everything can be found online.

April 23rd, 2015

Buying Green


It is not a bad idea for home products to save energy, water, and more. The government calculate approximately that the energy Americans consume to operate their homes add up to a total of 21% energy use all over the country. And that statistic does not yet converge on the supplementary ecological subjects that can be tackled in a home, together with water saving and interior air superiority. In an attempt to create homes friendlier to the atmosphere and cleaner to the nation who reside in them, producers are refining their home goods. As soon as you go shopping nowadays, it is not a catchphrase any longer  referring to the “green” classification of products. In spite of the countless extensive savings that it can create a home greener, minor incremental transformation over and over again do add up.  

April 16th, 2015

Gardening, Condo Style

So you have decided that condo living is for you. You have made arrangements to purchases your perfect unit. It is just the right size for you and your family. There is enough room for living and storage and you are really happy with your purchase. But there is one thing you want to do that you aren’t sure if you can in a condominium and this is to have a garden.


A loot of people think it is impossible to have a garden in a condominium. Developers argue that the reason why a lot of developments save a lot of area for greens is to make up for the fact that units cannot have gardens. But you can have your own mini-garden nevertheless. Choose the plants you want, 3-4 depending on the size of your balco0ny or window sill and get sturdy clay pots and a solid hanging structure and you are on your way. Yes, it isn’t a lawn, but you can have a veggie patch or a flower patch even in a condo.

April 9th, 2015

Many Activities Done in the Village of South Walton

Families, vacationers, and tourists would like to spend the most of their time in their getaway by doing as many things as they could just to make their stay all worth the spending. After all, staying in a hotel or a resort is just one part of what should be encountered in a very successful and enjoyable vacation. It can be observed on many occasions that people plan their holiday break all beginning with a venue or location, and then the things that can be done there. Many resorts found anywhere, including the Village of South Walton, is offering a lot of activities and amenities that provide the best encounter that cannot be easily forgotten.
It may be as simple as seeing amazing sights and scenes on an early morning walk, or it could be as exhilarating and extreme as paragliding along the beach. The most successful and famous hotels and accommodations out there have considered it critical for their accomplishment to satisfy every whim of their clients by providing everything needed. The Village of South Walton has 19 miles of full stretch events, locations, and activities where having fun and sweating out may not be enough for a day. Whether you may have a thing at water sports, scuba diving, boating, or fishing, or even enjoying golfing on the greens, everything you need and want is available here. It would not even matter if some entertainment will cost at a fair expense, what matters is the enjoyment and the happiness in doing various activities.

April 2nd, 2015

Prefabricated Green Homes

prefabhomesThere are a sudden influx of extremely green and affordable low-cost housing options available to the public form technology developed in storm ravaged areas. From the recent housing developments in New Orleans, where such homes are being developed to replace the thousands of homes destroyed by Katrina and flood that followed they are available to most homeowners should they do so, made in factories and delivered according to your preferences by truck with just the foundation created on site as well as the hardware for hooking up power, water and other utilities. Once delivered, a few days gets it up and running, already loaded with the best available green technologies ready for occupancy in such a short time. Read the rest of this entry »

March 26th, 2015

Realtor? No thanks.

by: Djai Tanji

Has it ever occurred to you not to hire realtors in selling a house and just save the money? Maybe it’s better if you think again. Yes you will be able to save 6% of your money but is it worth the hassle? Just imagine canceling your appointments if ever there’s an emergency call from an interested buyer wanting to see the house. Of course you should not say no to potential buyers. Bad thing is, you are not even 100% sure the buyer will approve of the house. Sometimes they just “see” the house. Now that could cause you quite a load of effort and money in your part.

March 19th, 2015


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