April 16th, 2015

Gardening, Condo Style

So you have decided that condo living is for you. You have made arrangements to purchases your perfect unit. It is just the right size for you and your family. There is enough room for living and storage and you are really happy with your purchase. But there is one thing you want to do that you aren’t sure if you can in a condominium and this is to have a garden.


A loot of people think it is impossible to have a garden in a condominium. Developers argue that the reason why a lot of developments save a lot of area for greens is to make up for the fact that units cannot have gardens. But you can have your own mini-garden nevertheless. Choose the plants you want, 3-4 depending on the size of your balco0ny or window sill and get sturdy clay pots and a solid hanging structure and you are on your way. Yes, it isn’t a lawn, but you can have a veggie patch or a flower patch even in a condo.

April 9th, 2015

Many Activities Done in the Village of South Walton

Families, vacationers, and tourists would like to spend the most of their time in their getaway by doing as many things as they could just to make their stay all worth the spending. After all, staying in a hotel or a resort is just one part of what should be encountered in a very successful and enjoyable vacation. It can be observed on many occasions that people plan their holiday break all beginning with a venue or location, and then the things that can be done there. Many resorts found anywhere, including the Village of South Walton, is offering a lot of activities and amenities that provide the best encounter that cannot be easily forgotten.
It may be as simple as seeing amazing sights and scenes on an early morning walk, or it could be as exhilarating and extreme as paragliding along the beach. The most successful and famous hotels and accommodations out there have considered it critical for their accomplishment to satisfy every whim of their clients by providing everything needed. The Village of South Walton has 19 miles of full stretch events, locations, and activities where having fun and sweating out may not be enough for a day. Whether you may have a thing at water sports, scuba diving, boating, or fishing, or even enjoying golfing on the greens, everything you need and want is available here. It would not even matter if some entertainment will cost at a fair expense, what matters is the enjoyment and the happiness in doing various activities.

April 2nd, 2015

Prefabricated Green Homes

prefabhomesThere are a sudden influx of extremely green and affordable low-cost housing options available to the public form technology developed in storm ravaged areas. From the recent housing developments in New Orleans, where such homes are being developed to replace the thousands of homes destroyed by Katrina and flood that followed they are available to most homeowners should they do so, made in factories and delivered according to your preferences by truck with just the foundation created on site as well as the hardware for hooking up power, water and other utilities. Once delivered, a few days gets it up and running, already loaded with the best available green technologies ready for occupancy in such a short time. Read the rest of this entry »

March 26th, 2015

Realtor? No thanks.

by: Djai Tanji

Has it ever occurred to you not to hire realtors in selling a house and just save the money? Maybe it’s better if you think again. Yes you will be able to save 6% of your money but is it worth the hassle? Just imagine canceling your appointments if ever there’s an emergency call from an interested buyer wanting to see the house. Of course you should not say no to potential buyers. Bad thing is, you are not even 100% sure the buyer will approve of the house. Sometimes they just “see” the house. Now that could cause you quite a load of effort and money in your part.

March 19th, 2015


デジタル写真は、不動産業での便利なツールです。 物件を売り出す、なくてはならない方法です。 現像と印刷の費用を減らしますし、 その売り手を他の売り手より有利にすることが出来ます。なぜなら、大抵の場合、買い手は、すぐに物件の写真を手に見たいと思うからです。 これを、視覚的セールスと呼ぶ人もいます。


March 12th, 2015

Bad Layouts

Even if your home is located in a great neighborhood, other factors like a bad layout will keep it from selling.  Not all homes with bad layouts can get easily renovated; often they are considered as incurable defects.  If it will cost more to renovate than you would get in exchange for your effort, it might be a better idea to sell the house for less or offer the buyer a remodelling credit.

Houses with bad layouts usually have hallways facing the entrance, narrow doorways, adjoining bedrooms, dining room in the center of the home, bedrooms in different floors, bedrooms that are accessed from family rooms, guest bathrooms in bad locations, second floor bedrooms with stairs in the center, and choppy placement of rooms.  These types of houses usually sell for less than the neighboring homes with the same square footage and better layouts.

March 5th, 2015

Estate Planning Checkup for Your Parents (Part 3 of 3)

As early as now, you must plan to protect your inheritance. Most estate plans leave the inheritance just like that. This is the simpliest and easiest way, but this can really be dangerous I tell you. You can possibly receive your inheritance in the safest way, protected from estate taxes and creditor claims if your parents were able to draft the estate plan.

You can start by having the estate plan reviewed and then simply follow the standard steps to prepare everything for a satisfying result. Learn to invest a fraction of the time and energy to be able to avoid problems later on. This kind of investment can give you the peace of mind that you need.

February 26th, 2015

Increased Rate


As of today, fixed-rate mortgages continued to be stable whereas adjustable-rate mortgages get higher to some extent due to improbability in relation to Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee. Transactions of existing homes pulled out 2 percent as of April to May with a yearly rate of 4.99 million units as the norm home price for all housing category. Even as the value of sales picked up in national on or after April to May, homes were marketed at a twelve-monthly rate of 5.93 million units. By state, existing-home arrangements were 5.5 percent in the Midwest from April to May, 4.6 percent in the Northeast, and 2 percent in the West.

February 19th, 2015

Condo Living, Anyone?

The emergence of the undeniably strategic and central locations of most condominiums has enticed aspiring homeowners and investors, as well, to live or set-up businesses in these buildings. Because of easy accessibility to its amenities, individuals opted to shun the call of the country. Being highly urbanized, living in these highly stylized homes has suited the lifestyles of most people.

Entertainment venues, shopping arcades, restaurants being just a stone’s throw away are compelling reasons for many to stay and set-up homes in condominiums. There are security on-call, clean public areas, parks and recreation facilities. Also, a plus factor for those who live on the top floors is the panoramic view of the city.

February 12th, 2015

Investing in Low-End Houses


Low-end housing like mobile homes, garage units, and apartments are an excellent source of long-term cash flow for many reasons. The main reason being the abundance of houses and the ease in which you can buy and sell them. Low-end housing does not necessarily have to mean the slums; these are simply your basic starter homes without all the bells and whistles. They can be rented for about $350-500 per month and makes a great return of investment at around 25-40% a year. In a few years you will get these houses paid off and if you’re a good manager, this will reward you for many years to come.