December 17th, 2014

Home Haven


It is easy to imagine the home of your dream but finding one is a different topic. Being meticulous could help in the process of locating your dream home if you’re really determined in living in a haven. In choosing a house, you have to be particular also of the benefits the place can give you. It would also be much better and enjoyable if you happen to share the dream home of your partner. In this way finding the right home would be in harmony thus making it easier. It would also be beneficial if you widen your search. You can ask around all you want. Be specific with details, it could be your permanent place so you might as well be thorough about it. It could not be an easy task but remember, it would be all worth it in the end.

December 10th, 2014

Real Estate goes Digital

Digital photography is one handy tool i n the real estate business. It is an exclusive way to promote a property. It cuts down cost of developing and printing. And it gives the seller the edge over the others, because most of the time, prospective buyers will most likely look atproperties with ready photos in hand. Some might call it visual selling.

A good source of light should be considered when taking the picture.
The house must be cleaned and free from clutter.
Focus on taking more pictures on the best features of the house.
Take pictures of all the parts of the house so viewers can have an overview of the entire house without actually going there.

December 3rd, 2014

Real Estate Investor Business Plan for Beginners Part IV


You beginner in real estate investment must keep in mind that it is important that you make offers based on inspections. This gives you an option just in case something about the property is not what you thought it was when you bought it. You must and you deserve to know every problem that you might encounter. It is better that you know how to address every problem that might affect the bottom line.

Starting out with a professional attitude is a big plus. Having your real estate business plan with you means that youre doing great in achieving your goals to be a successful real estate investor.

November 26th, 2014

Gardening, Condo Style

So you have decided that condo living is for you. You have made arrangements to purchases your perfect unit. It is just the right size for you and your family. There is enough room for living and storage and you are really happy with your purchase. But there is one thing you want to do that you aren’t sure if you can in a condominium and this is to have a garden.


A loot of people think it is impossible to have a garden in a condominium. Developers argue that the reason why a lot of developments save a lot of area for greens is to make up for the fact that units cannot have gardens. But you can have your own mini-garden nevertheless. Choose the plants you want, 3-4 depending on the size of your balco0ny or window sill and get sturdy clay pots and a solid hanging structure and you are on your way. Yes, it isn’t a lawn, but you can have a veggie patch or a flower patch even in a condo.

November 19th, 2014

Real Estate Investor Business Plan for Beginners Part II


After you�ve drafter your real estate investor business plan and now that you�re aware of the mortgage rates and various terms, you have to exert effort in getting yourself prequalified for financing before you start with your search. This is important especially if the property that you�re eyeing has a lot of prospective buyers that you have to act real fast in order to get it and be the winner. This can also keep the seller confident that you are really serious in owning the property and you�re not playing around. You have to be sure on what type of property you want so you won�t regret it at the end of the day.

November 12th, 2014

Investing With No Money


Planning to invest on a real estate but don’t have money? Worry no more! Yes, we can deny that the easy and fast way to get into the real estate market is by having cash for a down payment, its true…but it’s not the only option. Listed below are the two of best ways you can invest in a real estate even if you have little money and bad credit.

Your first option is to borrow money. You can find a lender who will allow you to take out a loan in low interest rate or ask friends, family members or business partners if they can help you have the start-up money you need for investing. Just make sure you pay back them as soon as a profit is made. Second, you can rent on the property and purchase it sooner when you have enough money to buy. Depending on lease agreement, your payments would (at least in part) be credited toward the purchase price.

Sure, there are plenty more ways you can do, such as joining a real estate investors club, taking over mortgage payments in exchange for the deed, paying through bartering other piece of property or a specialized skill you have, bringing in a partner provide the funding while allowing you to do the managing, it just takes some negotiating and research.

November 5th, 2014

Wood – The Comeback

timberWood has long been replaced by steel and concrete in the construction business due to the previous costs associated with it’s use. But there is a revival on the use of wood as the framing material of choice mainly due to the recession that has raised the prices of steel and many of the other materials used in today’s modern buildings making wood a better choice. Wood is today cheaper than steel even with the strength difference and new insight into the true ability of wood has been causing a stir in many construction industry circles. Read the rest of this entry »

October 29th, 2014

Flood Insurance

Regardless of where you’re located in the US – even if it’s in a desert, by a river, or in the Midwestern plains – your home is at risk for flooding. Floods can happen to anybody at any place because of rising river water, flash floods, or rapid snow melt. Even if you think that a flood in your area is highly unlikely, you should consider getting a flood insurance policy. It’s fairly inexpensive, particularly in high-risk flood areas since the policy will be backed up by a federally insured mortgage. If your community is a participant, you can get flood insurance from an agent via the National Flood Insurance Program. Remember that flood insurance is easily transferable; you can assign your existing flood insurance policy to a buyer.

October 22nd, 2014

Maintaining Your Property

Taking care of your house or condominium is one huge part of the overall maintenance of your asset and one great way to raise the value of your property. It would perhaps surprise you to know that this is not such a hard thing to do. Simple steps done regularly will go a long way towards maintaining your house or condominium.

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Schedules are very important to maintain anything. Create a bunch of them for your home. Create a schedule where you do an all-over cleaning. You can do this monthly, by yourself, or your can do it quarterly and hire a professional. This cleaning will involve moving things around, throwing things out, or even holding a garage sale to dispose of things you don’t need but still have value. Create a schedule where you fix things like pipes, gutters, window frames, and the like.

Remember that, although it is tiring, regular cleaning and fixing will keep your house in tip-top shape and will keep your property valuable.

October 15th, 2014

on Home Warranties


I can only tell you about advantages of having a home warranty because personally, I cannot find a setback in preparing for the unexpected and protecting your investments. Having a home warranty is a practical idea, it is really useful especially when you are buying an old house or a house that has been vacant for quite a while. Many things can happen in your home and having a home warranty can provide you a lot of benefits, whether you are planning to buy a new house or selling your home. With a home warranty, you sure would feel secure and protected from unanticipated expenditures thus, allowing you to save money and keeping you from frustration.