July 2nd, 2015

Investing With No Money


Planning to invest on a real estate but don’t have money? Worry no more! Yes, we can deny that the easy and fast way to get into the real estate market is by having cash for a down payment, its true…but it’s not the only option. Listed below are the two of best ways you can invest in a real estate even if you have little money and bad credit.

Your first option is to borrow money. You can find a lender who will allow you to take out a loan in low interest rate or ask friends, family members or business partners if they can help you have the start-up money you need for investing. Just make sure you pay back them as soon as a profit is made. Second, you can rent on the property and purchase it sooner when you have enough money to buy. Depending on lease agreement, your payments would (at least in part) be credited toward the purchase price.

Sure, there are plenty more ways you can do, such as joining a real estate investors club, taking over mortgage payments in exchange for the deed, paying through bartering other piece of property or a specialized skill you have, bringing in a partner provide the funding while allowing you to do the managing, it just takes some negotiating and research.

June 25th, 2015

Flood Insurance

Regardless of where you’re located in the US – even if it’s in a desert, by a river, or in the Midwestern plains – your home is at risk for flooding. Floods can happen to anybody at any place because of rising river water, flash floods, or rapid snow melt. Even if you think that a flood in your area is highly unlikely, you should consider getting a flood insurance policy. It’s fairly inexpensive, particularly in high-risk flood areas since the policy will be backed up by a federally insured mortgage. If your community is a participant, you can get flood insurance from an agent via the National Flood Insurance Program. Remember that flood insurance is easily transferable; you can assign your existing flood insurance policy to a buyer.

June 18th, 2015

How Financing Affects Your Offer


Financing details have to be included in your offer so that the seller can evaluate them. The size of your down payment is part of the financing details that you need to provide; the larger the size of your down payment, the more likely the lender will approve your mortgage. Your offer should also state what kind of mortgage you’ll be getting (fixed rate or adjustable rate). Protecting yourself is another reason why you should include your financing information in your offer. Should the interest rate suddenly rise quickly, you might be paying a higher mortgage than you expected. Placing a maximum acceptable interest rate in your offer protects yourself from that instance.

June 11th, 2015

Real Estate Investor Business Plan for Beginners Part IV


You beginner in real estate investment must keep in mind that it is important that you make offers based on inspections. This gives you an option just in case something about the property is not what you thought it was when you bought it. You must and you deserve to know every problem that you might encounter. It is better that you know how to address every problem that might affect the bottom line.

Starting out with a professional attitude is a big plus. Having your real estate business plan with you means that youre doing great in achieving your goals to be a successful real estate investor.

June 4th, 2015

Home Haven


It is easy to imagine the home of your dream but finding one is a different topic. Being meticulous could help in the process of locating your dream home if you’re really determined in living in a haven. In choosing a house, you have to be particular also of the benefits the place can give you. It would also be much better and enjoyable if you happen to share the dream home of your partner. In this way finding the right home would be in harmony thus making it easier. It would also be beneficial if you widen your search. You can ask around all you want. Be specific with details, it could be your permanent place so you might as well be thorough about it. It could not be an easy task but remember, it would be all worth it in the end.

May 28th, 2015

Starting with a Business Plan


Planning is very important in any business and real estate is not excluded. You have to set your goals by listing down what you want to achieve then make a draft plan to get into your dream position.

Changes occur all the time in the real estate industry. The housing market might be booming this time and might reach its down point in the coming years.

Real estate experts advise beginners to make a wish list for your business. These are good guide questions to start with:

1. How much would you like to earn in the coming years?
2. What do you want to achieve?

Being optimistic invites positive vibes but be realistic. Dont aim too much if you think that its impossible for you to achieve it now. Setting goals is key to success in the real estate industry!

May 21st, 2015

Investment Myths 10

Image Source: getentrepreneurial.com

You must not be afraid to fail.

Well, the most common fear is the fear of failing. What is not good is that sometimes, we are paralyzed by fear which stops us from achieving our dreams. In anything people normally do, failure is not a very good prospect. What differentiates successful people from the others is that they do not let fear grip them so much so that they are not able to do anything fruitful anymore. In real estate, you can do one phone call at a time or visit one property now and another one later until before you know it, you have already visited a number of prospective properties.

May 14th, 2015

Effective Marketing: The Internet

Most buyers start doing their search by looking at listings on the internet. The trend today is for buyers to search using Google as opposed to going to specific real estate websites. Ask your real estate agent about marketing your home via the internet. If your home is already posted in your local multiple listing service, it will automatically get posted on sites like realtor.com. Make sure that it’s your brokerage’s policy to share their listing with major websites. You’d be surprised at how some real estate brokers don’t use the internet and insist on selling your home themselves.

May 7th, 2015

Documents Needed to Buy a Home

Before a lender can process a loan, the institution will need to verify your employment with a verification of employment form. Besides that, the lender will also need the following paperwork:

Current pay slips. The last two pay slips will be enough. Don’t hand out the origianls though; make copies.

W2s. This is the wage and tax statement given out by your employer for the calendar year. This is the form you also attach to your tax returns.

Bank statements. Your lender might want two or three months’ worth of bank statements. Make a copy from each bank and include all pages of the bank statement.

Federal tax returns. If you haven’t filed your tax return for the year, look for the last two years’ tax returns. Include all schedules and make sure all the tax returns have your signature.

Asset statements. If you own any mutual funds, bonds, or stocks, make a copy of each statement. Although lenders prefer hard copies over the ones you can get online, the online ones will do if that’s the way you receive your statements.

April 30th, 2015

Just where do you find real estate agents?


by: Djai Tanji

Need a guide in selling or buying a house? Real estate agents can surely aid to lessen your burden and finding them is not that hard of a task at all. The most efficient way to find a good agent is through referrals. Of course nobody will refer a bad agent. You can ask around who’s at the top of their duty. It is also easy to spot them on open houses since they normally attend on such occasions. In that way you can interact with them first and then you won’t be having a hard time to select. Searching the internet is a helpful way as well especially nowadays that almost everything can be found online.